Call for new problems for the new edition

Dear colleagues,

We begin the preparation of the new 20th edition of the “Kourovka Notebook”, a collection of unsolved problems in Group Theory and related areas.

Everybody is welcome to propose new problems to be included in the new
edition. Problems may “belong” to those who propose them, or otherwise.
In the latter case, one can indicate the author(s) of the problem (if different from the person proposing), or simply that this is a “well-known problem”. In order that the progress could be “measured” and seen, the preference is usually given to concrete questions that admit “yes” or “no” answers.

New problems can be sent to any of the editors (preferably by e-mail):
Evgeny Khukhro or Victor Mazurov .

Later in the year we shall contact all the authors with “galley proofs” to make sure that the questions remain open and accurately stated (this also applies to several new problems that have already been received from various authors over the last years).

Evgeny Khukhro and Victor Mazurov, Editors

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