June 2020 update for the 19th edition

An update for the current 19th edition of “Kourovka Notebook (Unsolved Problems in Group Theory)” is  posted.  
A separate file contains the updates only. 
All the changes are also incorporated in the new version of the main PDF file 

Unsolved Problems in Group Theory. The Kourovka Notebook. No. 19.

We thank everybody who help us keeping the Kourovka Notebook up to date.
Evgeny Khukhro   khukhro@yahoo.co.uk  and
Victor Mazurov  mazurov@math.nsc.ru 

This 19th issue contains 111 new problems and a number of comments on about 1000 problems from the previous issues. The section “Archive of Solved Problems” includes all the solved problems from the previous issues that have already been commented on in previous issues, while new solutions are found among unsolved problems in the corresponding sections.

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